Preserved Black Summer Truffles

Perfectly preserved in a glass jars to use in your favorite recipes, prettymushroomsgroup black truffles are the ultimate food lover companion. These expertly forged truffles have been preserved for use year around in kitchens across the world.  Whether you are keeping these culinary black diamonds to yourself, or gifting to friends and family, preserved truffles can be used in a plethora of recipes.

How to use truffles that have been preserved

While these many not be as good as fresh tuber aestivum truffles, we do believe they are the next best thing and here are our tips on how to make the most of these truffles….

Rather than slicing over a dish, we recommend chopping, slicing and even sautéing with butter . Aioli’s are also a great use for preserved truffles. Add a few slices to some scrambled eggs sautéed with fresh garlic. Truffle vinaigrette or even a truffle tapenade substituting black truffle for olives and a splash of truffle oil with a nice olive oil, garlic and herbs of your choice.

Preserved Black Summer Truffles are a culinary treasure that can elevate your dishes to gourmet heights. These delicacies, harvested during the summer months, capture the essence of the earth with their distinct aroma and rich, earthy flavor. Whether you’re an experienced chef or a home cook looking to impress, these truffles are a must-have addition to your kitchen repertoire.

Our selection of Preserved Black Summer Truffles at prettymushrooms is sourced from the finest regions, ensuring premium quality in every bite. These truffles have been expertly preserved to retain their peak flavor and aroma, allowing you to enjoy their exquisite taste year-round. Incorporate them into pasta dishes, risottos, omelets, or even as a finishing touch on grilled meats and salads. Their versatility knows no bounds, making them an essential ingredient for culinary enthusiasts seeking to elevate their gastronomic creations.

At prettymushrooms shop, we take pride in delivering the finest Preserved Black Summer Truffles to your doorstep. Our commitment to quality and freshness means that you can experience the magic of these truffles in every dish you prepare. Explore the world of gourmet cuisine with Preserved Black Summer Truffles – your secret ingredient for unforgettable meals. Order yours today and embark on a culinary journey like no other

Preserved Black Summer Truffles


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